About Seychelles Swimming Association

The Seychelles Swimming Association is the recognized body in Seychelles whose objective is primarily to promote and develop swimming competitively. It also engages in promoting and developing swimming in general as well as the safety aspects of swimming such as lifesaving. The mandate of the association also includes developing and promoting water polo and open water swimming.

The Clubs

The School of Swimming

The School of Swimming falls under the National Sports Council portfolio and focuses on introducing young children to swimming. The children are then encouraged to join one of the clubs to progress further in the sport. For more information, contact Hilda Khan on 2727332.

Mahe Skimmers

Mahe Skimmers Sports Club was established in July 2015, the first of its kind in Seychelles. The Club actively encourages and enables its members to discover, participate and excel in a variety of sports through its affiliation with various federations (locally and internationally) in an equitable, drug and alcohol free environment.
MSSC offers comprehensive learn to swim classes and competitive swimming for all ranges of swimmers from 4 to 60. The Club has an excellent caliber of coaching staff which ensures all can reach their full potential. The Club environment allows swimmers to excel individually but also promotes a strong team spirit.
In 2017, Mahe Skimmers took part in an international competition in Mauritius, where 10 of its young swimmers returned home with 20 medals and improved personal best times in all events they participated in. This year 13 swimmers of the Mahe Skimmers club will be taking part in the Mauritius National Championship being held in Mauritius from the 3rd – 6th May 2018.
Chairman: Ron Roucou, Vice Chairperson: Mevis Fock-Heng, Head Coach: Barnsley Albert, Assistant Head Coach : Annette Monthy-Robert
Email: maheskimmers@gmail.com - Office location: Roche Caiman Swimming Pool Complex


The Aquafins Swimming Club was registered in 2016. Its aim is to bring together as many people as possible, especially school children, to swim either for competition or leisure. Everyone is treated fairly without discrimination. On the competition side, the club would like to develop its swimmers to reach the highest level. Our focus is to one day produce swimmers who can reach the Olympics. We also encourage our members to participate in other activities like the annual Eco-friendly marathon to broaden their abilities. Hikes and training camps are some of the activities the club organises as part of its social gatherings. The Chairman is currently Daniel Bristol. The coach is Robert Suzette and he’s being assisted by Irene Marie and Rosemonde Bristol. For more information, contact Hilda Khan (2727332) and Robert Suzette (2584349).


TOTO is the most recent addition in swimming clubs in Seychelles, coming on to the scene in 2017. It is a small club focusing on high level swimming. The instructor, Catherine Bachmann, is the former coach for the french synchronized swimming team and prior coming to Seychelles, ran a club in La Reunion that focused on training young children to swim competitively. For more information, please contact Catherine on 4247321.

The Seychelles Swimming Academy

The Swimming Academy falls under the National Sports Council portfolio and caters for swimmers with potential to compete competitively in the sport up until the age of 18. The coach is Guillaume Bachmann who is also the Technical Director for the Seychelles National Team. *Members of the public can also contact the Swimming Association for more information about public swimming.


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